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Copper Canyon Train Route

All days the train Chepe departs from Los Mochis to Chihuahua and from Chihuahua to Los Mochis.

You can start your journey across Copper Canyon from Los Mochis in the state of Sinaloa or from Chihuahua in the state of Chihuahua every day.

The train departures from both cities very early in the morning and arrive at the end of the evening (around 9 pm).

In the route we will make stops to visit Copper Canyon attactions such as:

  • El Fuerte - Our journey starts or ends here. A beautiful colonial town where Diego de la Vega, known in movies as Zorro, was born and also other famous persons as Pancho Villa lived.
  • Bahuichivo and Cerocahui - In this stop we will visit the deepest canyon of all Copper Canyon "the Urique Canyon". Here we will also visit a school of Tarahumara girls
  • Barrancas - Here we will stop to lodge in one of the hotels with the most beautiful terraces in the world. We will also visit the "Adventure Park of Copper Canyon" to ride the world's largest zip lines or to get up on one of the world's longest cable cars to fly over the canyons.
  • Creel - Is the largest town of the Tarahumaras indigenous people. This is one of Copper Canyon's most interesting places. Here we will see how the Tarahumaras still live in caves and we will visit one. We can also visit impressive rock formations and the waterfalls of Cusarare.
  • The Way from Creel to Chihuahua - This part of the trip is full of natural and cultural sights. In the way we can visit Basaseachi, Mexico's most beautiful and the tallest waterfall and one of the world's bigger mennonite population in Cuahutemoc
  • Chihuahua - Our journey starts or ends here. The historic city of Chihuahua is full of cultural sights such as museums and buildings. It was one of Mexico's most important cities in the revolution period and house of Pancho Villa.

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Copper Canyon Chihuahua

The first minute of this video shows the desert of Samayaluca which is not part of our travel packages but can be added by request. The second minute starts with the Basaseachi waterfall that is 246 meters tall. Basaseachi is visited in all our tours that include in the name the word Basaseachi. After that the video shows sights of Copper Canyon, Creel, Divisadero and the Tarahumaras. Divisadero or Barrancas is the main attraction of Copper Cayon and is included in all our tours.