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Services included: Train, shuttles, hotel, dinning y guide.

7 Days (Departures on Monday, Thursday and Saturday): Mochis-Urique-Barrancas-Creel-Basaseachi-Chihuahua

Travel to Copper Canyon in 7 days from $1,076.50 USD in double occupancy starting in Los Mochis and ending in Chihuahua.

Places that you will visit: Los Mochis, El Fuerte, Bahuichivo, Cerocahui, Urique, Gallego Mountain, Copper Canyon Adventure Park, Tarahumara Cave, Cablecar, Zip Lines, Piedra Volada, Lake of Arareko, Mission of San Ignacio, Mushroom Valley, Monks Valley, Frog Valley, Cusarare, Basaseachi Waterfall, Chihuahua, Tren Chepe.



Services Included

All services in this travel package include the best hotels of each destination, train tickets are in "Turista Regional" class. This tour is one of the prefered options to visit Copper Canyon. Do not forget to take your train tickets printed with you. 

Day 1 Los Mochis - El Fuerte

  • We will pick you up at you arrival to Los Mochis airport and take a 90 minutes van transfer to El Fuerte. El Fuerte is a lovely and small Mexican Colonial town. This town is house of the famous legend of "El Zorro". Hotel Posada del Hidalgo is the place where Diego de la Vega (known as "El Zorro") was born. The hacienda of "El Zorro" was transformed into this lovely hotel where you will spend the first night of your Copper Canyon Adventure. 
  • Lodging at the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo.

Day 2 El Fuerte - Bahuichivo - Cerocahui

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

  • 07:00 Breakfast in the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo 
  • 07:45 Van transfer from the hotel to El Fuerte train station.
  • 08:19 Departure from El Fuerte to Bahuichivo train station on board of Chepe train.
  • 12:24 Arrival to Bahuichivo. 45 minutes van transfer to Cerocahui 
  • Lunch at the hotel Mision Cerocahui.
  • 17:00 Tour by the vineyards of the hotel and visit to the Tarahumara's Girls School.
  • Dinner at the Hotel Mision. 
  • Lodging at the Hotel Mision.

Day 3 Cerocahui - Posada Barrancas

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

  • 07:00 Breakfast at the hotel Mision Cerocahui.
  • 08:00 Urique Canyon Tour. This is a 3 hour tour in which travellers will enjoy some of the most breathless sights that Copper Canyon offers.
  • Van transfer from Cerocahui to Posada Barrancas.
  • Arrival to Posada Barrancas and transfer to the Hotel Mirador.
  • 15:00 Lunch at the hotel Mirador. The Hotel Mirador is located at the area known as 'Divisadero'. It is the most beautiful hotel of all Copper Canyon because it offers its guests some of the most beautiful sights of Copper Canyon. Enjoy from your terrace a World's Award Winning Terrace View.
  • 19:00 Dinner at the Hotel Mirador.
  • Lodging at the Hotel Mirador.

Day 4 Posada Barrancas 

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

  • Breakfast at the Hotel Mirador.
  • Lunch at the Hotel Mirador.
  • Option to do any of the activities advised by the hotel (not included).
  • Dinner at the Hotel Mirador.
  • Lodging at the Hotel Mirador.

Day 5 Posada Barrancas - Copper Canyon Adventure Park - Creel

(Breakfast included)

  • Breakfast at the Hotel Mirador.
  • 09:00 A guide will pick you up at the Hotel Mirador and take you to Copper Canyon Adventure Park. All activities in Copper Canyon Adventure Park are not included. Here you can stand up in Piedra Volada, get up to the Cable Car, the zip lines or do any of the activities in the park.
  • Van Transfer to Creel.
  • Creel surroundings tour: you will visit one of the most impressives Tarahumara Caves, Arareko Lake, the Mission of San Ignacio, the Mushrooms Valley, the Frogs Valley and the Monks Valley.
  • Lodging at the Hotel Best Western the Lodge at CreelHotel Quinta Misiòn or Hotel Cusarare River Sierra Lodge.

Day 6 Creel - Basaseachi National Park - Chihuahua

(Breakfast included)

  • Breakfast at designated hotel.
  • 09:00 Van Tansfer to Chihuahua. On the way, we will take a tour to the amazing Basaseachi National Park, we will take a small walk by the area. Basaseachi National Park is one of the most important touristic places on the area, famous by their forest area and the impressive Basaseachi Waterfall wich is one of the most important on the mexican territory.
  • Arrival to Chihuahua in the evening.
  • Lodging at the Hotel Ramada.

Day 7 Chihuahua 

(Breakfast included)

  • Breakfast at designated hotel.
  • Transfer to Chihuahua airport.
  • End of services.